The voice of the hidden waterfall

RosaRubea is a multimedial project, open to experimenting and collaborations, which involves music, poetry and visual art.

It is Expression, Vision and Manifestation.
Art and Creation in RosaRubea are exploration and experimenting in the territories of the Unknown that in the live dimension become Ritual.

RosaRubea is the alchemical Rubedo, the ultimate phase of the "Opus Magnum" or "Opus Chemicum", announcing the transmutation of vile metal into Gold.

Daniela Bedeski: concept, vocals, lyrics, music, arrangements
Marco Bosio: piano, music, arrangements
Michele Fiore: percussion, arrangements
Yann Turrini: synth, samplers, music, arrangements
Ermanno Fabbri: guitars, bass guitar, music, arrangements

Collaborators: Zeno Gabaglio: cello, arrangements

Previous member and co-founder: Pino Carafa: music, arrangements, synths, samplers

Label: Old Europa Cafe


RosaRubea was born between 2009 and 2010 by the collaboration between Daniela Bedeski (already known as the lead soprano voice of Camerata Mediolanense) and Pino Carafa, who previously also collaborated with Camerata Mediolanense.
In 2010 Marco Bosio, piano, and Zeno Gabaglio, cello, joined the band.
In the early 2011 Michele Fiore (drums) joined the band, in 2012 Yann Turrini (keyboards and synths) and Ermanno Fabbri (guitar) also joined it, while Pino Carafa quitted it.

Daniela Bedeski
Marco Bosio
Michele Fiore
Yann Turrini
Ermanno Fabbri
Zeno Gabaglio

On April 28 2011 RosaRubea issued its debut mini CD, "The Fire and the Rose", for the Italian label Old Europa Cafe.
In February 2013 is issued 'TRE ERT TRE', CDR, OEC, live at Villa Festival 2012, art edition limited to 111 copies.
September 11 2015 is the official release date of the third RosaRubea's album, "Chrysalide", CD, OEC.


Band Members

Daniela Bedeski

Daniela Bedeski has started singing and writing early in her life.
She has studied singing with Antonella Gianese and Claudine Ansermet, specializing in the Baroque repertoire. She has also followed master classes in Baroque singing with Claudine Ansermet, Lavinia Bertotti, Gloria Banditelli and Roberto Gini.
She has been lead vocals in Les Nouveaux Trouvères, early music ensemble, from 1995 till 1998, with which she has recorded the CD "Jubelo del Core".
Since 1995, she has been lead vocals in Camerata Mediolanense (, neoclassical band from Milan, Italy, with which she has published several CDs, vinyls and compilations. See the band website and also the Myspace page.
Since 2001, she has been lead vocals in Camerata Sforzesca, side project of Camerata Mediolanense (see CM website), specializing in the Renaissance and the Baroque repertoire.
Since 2007, she has been lead vocals in Dame Mediolanensi, the feminine hearts of Camerata Mediolanense.
From 1996 till 2006 she has been lead vocals in the feminine choir In...canto directed by Antonella Gianese, with which she has recorded two CDs ("Siete ancora accese, Luci lontane" and "Come una Cometa"). Performing with In...canto, she has also recited poems (Shakespeare and Petrarca).
She has worked and performed with other musicians, among whom NG, Runes Order ("The Hopeless Days", CD), Mariae Nascenti, Les Jumeaux Discordants ("Sang pour Sang", CD).
Between 2009 and 2010, together with Pino Carafa, she gives birth to the multimedial project RosaRubea, where she is the author of the lyrics and of part of the music and of the concept in general.
Daniela Bedeski is also the author of numerous poems.
Her first collection of illustrated poems "De l'Amor sospeso e de l'Amor rubeo", with CD in collaboration with Cropcircle, L'Arca e l'Arco Edizioni, has been published in December 2013.
A small selection of her poems has been published in "Poesia come cosa viva. Atti di Altramarea e Argonauti nel Golfo degli Dei 2009" edited by Angelo Tonelli, Milano, Arcipelago Editore, 2010.
Another selection of her poems is contained in "Poetika vol. VI", Onirica Edizioni, 2014.

She is a translator and a teacher.

Marco Bosio

Marco Bosio started studying the piano in 1986 at the Civic Music School "G. Monteverdi" of Cremona under the guidance of M° Pietro Triacchini.
He obtained his "Solfeggio" diploma in 1994 at the Conservatory "G. Nicolini" of Piacenza under the guidance of M° Adelmo Mafezzoni.
In 1998 he got his "Harmonics" diploma at the Conservatory "L. Campiani" of Mantua under the guidance of M° Gabrio Taglietti and in 2004 he obtained his "History and Aesthetics of music" diploma at the "Istituto Pareggiato G. Monteverdi" of Cremona under the guidance of M° Pietro Triacchini.
In his career as a soloist he specializes in the classical repertoire, with particular attention to Classical and Romantic composers such as Beethoven, Chopin and Schubert.

Michele Fiore

Michele Fiore has early met the main passions of his life, which became also his work. Since the age of 5 he went deep into matters which drove him curious: piano, photography, video making, information technology, drums, art.
Since the beginning of 21st century he has been playing drums in a very wide range of bands from punk to blues including brass orchestras. In these years he has had an intense live activity and many studio recording experiences with many different bands and sound engineers.
At the moment he is the drummer of TheFlights (rock band), and he plays both percussion and drums in Corpo Musicale di Crescenzago (brass orchestra founded in 1894) and Filarmonica Paganelli '79 (modern multigroup philharmonic orchestra).

Yann Turrini

Ermanno Fabbri

Ermanno Fabbri has always played: session musician and guitar teacher, he is a passioned and versatile instrumentalist, arranger, composer and singer. He starts studying classical guitar under the guidance of Luisa Franzosi, and then passes to the electrical guitar with Erminio Zito. He follows modern harmony and arrangement techniques lessons and, with Mino Fabriano, he studies musical theory and improvisation techniques. He widens the study of his instrument, experimenting multiple different genres (jazz, acoustic blues, gipsy jazz, rumba flamenca and still more), with a personal approach. He also studies modern singing with Anna Jencek and Dario Toffolon.
He is guitarist and voice of Pulp Project, Be-Tweens (jazz/fusion), Zuena and Steppin Razor (reggae).
Among the numerous collaborations, worth mentioning are those with Trois Fois Rien, Out of Hand, Fiori di Bach ("Il Grido", cd; with Fiori di Bach, he wins the Italia Wave Love Festival - former Arezzo Wave - in 2008 as best emerging band), AmandaMabet (Milan electro-rock, for whom he composes and arranges "Hu-man", which becomes the sound track of the spot for the shoe line "Memento Duo"). Numerous are also the live and studio collaborations with artists such as Davide Petagna, Sun Sooley, Achille Forchignone, Matteo Nicodemo, Andrea Giops, David Yari.
Since September 2012 he collaborates, as guitarist, with the multimedial project RosaRubea (esoteric darkwave), in which his contribution translates into an attitude for noise, feed-back and delay of post-punk, glam and progressive origin.

Zeno Gabaglio

Born in Mendrisio (Switzerland) in 1979, Zeno Gabaglio began playing soccer in 1986 and a year later started playing the cello. 8 years later he terminated his schooling and also stopped playing soccer, throwing away a career that had never really begun.
It was at that point that he started playing cello more intensely and more consciously, and eventually was awarded with a degree at the Conservatory of Lugano, with subsequent specialisations in different areas such as the Musikakademie in Basel, the Académie Tibor Varga, and the Scuola di Musica in Fiesole.
Having felt that the dogmas of the musical academy were too weak, he pursued his studies in philosophy, eventually obtaining a degree in aesthetics in Florence and defending a thesis on formativity and improvisation.
Overwhelmed by the excess of theory in certain areas of philosophy, Zeno Gagaglio is now seeking his own ambiguous ways between theorein and poiein, between thinking and doing.
Zeno Gabaglio's musical activities include, always with the cello, playing with symphonic orchestras, teenager glam-rock bands, composing music scores for film, ethnic music, improvisation with poets and dancers, theatres, playing in the woods and on the streets. Although in different ways, his musical lifestyle has brought him to share experiences with Bugge Wesseltoft, Vinko Globokar, Sergio Givone, Frankie Hi NRG, Michel Godard, Teho Teardo, Garbo, Walter Fähndrich, Taisuke Yamashita, Christian Gilardi, Xabier Iriondo, David Darling, Chiara Zocchi, Angelo Tonelli, Villi Hermann, Gionata, Marcio Carneiro, Enrico Centonze, Gianni Maroccolo, Marcello Sorce Keller, Tibe, Luigi Pareyson, Emmanuel Louis, Riccardo Zara, Tobia Botta, Ermanno Librasi and Fakhraddin Gafarov, Colléctif Rue du Nord, Tikino, Stradedelcinema, Andrea Manzoni, Azione.